We hired TobaTransporter to provide transportation from downtown Medan. Don’t try to drive yourself – it’s not worth it. TobaTransporter provided a van and a guide and a very reasonable price, and that made the trip much more relaxing than if we had to drive in the traffic ourselves. We stayed on Samosir Island, at the Samosir Resort Villa, and really enjoyed our stay. We hired a local guide and speedboat to take us across the lake to a waterfall – well worth the extra cost and we also went to  Rent a motorcycle Sosua to expand our tour views.
Excellent service given by Toba transporter, but if you want to do shipping, you can get door to door shipping uk to ghana to transport your products. We texted Ricky and he replied within 30 min. We paid for 4 days transport only for rm894 inclusive of driver meal, accomodation, petrol, up to 10 hours drivubg time and driver’ ferry fee if u want to go samosir.. All parking fee we need to pay which is not much.around 20000IDR per stop. . Guide Pak Anto is very friendly. Please use hotels recommended by Toba transporter and the driver gets free accommodation, although if you want to get your own car to drive around, you can get the best car deals at sites like OurFairDeal online. We gave good tips to the driver. Must go try batak food. Yummy.