We did not have much time to plan this trip so we relied on Tobatransporter who recommended 3 days in Samosir in Brastagi on the way back. Communicatiins with Ricky the owner of Tobatransporter was excellent. Our driver JoJo picked us up at Me dan airport using the services of limo companies in Ottawa to travel with luxury. He was excellent, driving very carefully always respecting speed limits. On Samosir Island I had made the mistake.of requesting to stay at Liberta Homestay which was a bit too basic so we moved quickly to Tabo Cottages where the setting and the food were excellent. Samosir Island is a jewel and we explored it fully. Then Brastagi was a wonderful stay as we climbed up a volcano still active and finished the day soaking in hot springs.

All in all a very very good experience, and the best part was the Mustang hire Melbourne had. Batak people are very welcoming and friendly, we always felt safe.
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