The beauty of the city and nature of Medan, North Sumatra, certainly has no doubt. This time we will walk around the attractions of Medan and North Sumatra, while other attractions a little more far we will need other transportation as train or bus, although is better if you have your own transportation vehicle, being a car, a motorbike – if you go on trip try to get High-End Motorbike Jackets – or even one of those scooters you could find at sites like Tourist attractions in Medan what is it? Here’s the review.

1. Lake Toba

Tourist attractions in the first field is lake toba. The name of the largest and largest volcanic lake in the world has come to foreign countries. The lake is formed due to a huge volcanic eruption. The eruption formed a large crater and gradually filled with water. sslake toba Lake Toba is one of the mainstay natural attractions and most popular in North Sumatra. Lake Toba has clear blue water, with green mountains around it, and cool air. In the middle of Lake Toba there is a small island called Samosir Island, an area of ​​approximately 647 square kilometers. To enjoy the beauty of the lake, you can go around using a bicycle that can be rented. Walking along the shore of the lake, a really fun activity. Other activities that can be done when visiting Lake Toba include water sports, swimming, and boat hire to roam the lake. You can choose Lake Toba Tour Packages from best travel agent. Oh, yes, for those of you who want to stay longer in Lake Toba, can rent lodging or hotels available around these exotic attractions. Address: Parapat, North Sumatra.

2. Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya

Religious tourism objects that you can visit when the holidays to Medan is Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya. Another name of this tourist attraction is Cemara Asri Temple. Yes, people call it so because the location of the monastery is located in the complex Cemara Asri Housing. Vihara Adhi Maitreya Come to this place of Buddhist worship, no need to pay or free. But keep in mind to keep the tranquility. The atmosphere of the monastery is so calm, peaceful, beautiful, neat. This monastery is the largest in Indonesia and stands on 4.5 hectares of land. Inside the temple there are 3 sacred statues, namely Buddha Statue, Judge Bao, and Dewi Kwan Im. Find Medan Tour with Medan Driver. The activity that can be done here besides worshiping for the Buddhist is taking a photo, because of its beautiful and interesting location as an object.

3. Maimun Palace

One of the icons of Medan City and is a relic of the Kingdom of Deli is the Palace Maimun. The building is bright yellow (Malay typical color) is standing right in the middle of the city. When visiting the Maimun Palace we will find the historical Heritage of Deli, the sultan’s throne, photographs of the sultan, as well as collection of other historical objects. Entrance Maimun Palace worth Rp 8.000, – per person with the schedule of open attractions from 08.00-17.00.

4. Samosir Island

Samosir Island with Lake Toba becomes one and inseparable because the location of the island in the middle of the lake. The natural charm of the island of Samosir naturally become the main attraction of this one natural attractions. This island has a height of 1000 meters above sea level. samosir island What the hell is there on Samosir Island? Here we can learn the history of the Batak Tribe, there are also clothes, accessories, up to traditional Batak cloth sold to tourists / public. The place that must be visited when vacationing in Samosir is Tuktuk. Tuktuk is a place of intersection between two islands namely Sumatra da Samosir. If we are from Parapat, can take the ferry to reach it. The best way to enjoy the panorama of exotic natural Samosir is to roam the green hills while looking at the clear blue lake scenery.

5. Telaga Sibolangit Waterfall

For those of you who love nature tourism, this place should not be missed. His name is Waterfall Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit or Sibolangit Waterfall. If taken from the city of Medan, takes 2 hours journey. sibolangit waterfall Sibolangit is a mountain with fresh air and very exotic natural beauty. The waterfall is in Sibolangit forest. As the name implies, this waterfall does have two colors namely white for warm water and blue for cold water. If you are in Sibolangit and want to reach the waterfall location, can travel for 3 hours. Oh, yes, if you like camping, it can be done here too. Fun is not it?

6. Spiritual Tourism Salib Kasih Park

This cross-shaped monument is built on Dolok Siatas Barita. The purpose of building a monument is to commemorate the service and dedication of Dr. Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen who is a missionary from Northern Germany. It was he who brought the Christian teachings in the Land of Batak, so that the people free from the backwardness of civilization and animist beliefs. salib kasih At the top of this Dolok, Nommensen was about to be killed by Batak people who were doing the ritual worship Simbaon Siatas Barita (nature spirit). The ritual leader asks the followers to kill. But Nommensen refused and said the spirit of nature is a demon spirit. Entrance of the Cross of Love is Rp 2.000, – per person. The cross is 30 meters high and decorated with lights, so the monument that stands on the Bukit Siatas Barita’s feet can be seen clearly from the city of Tarutung. What’s in the Spiritual Cross Spirit Park? There is a small prayer house (prayer), the usual seating for a 600 person service, and others.

7. Tarutung City

The capital of North Tapanuli Regency is a center of religious tourism in North Sumatra. Tarutung city with cold and stunning natural beauty, has some interesting sights, including a soda water bath named Aek Rara Tarutung. Please note that this bathhouse is only two in the world, the other one is in Venezuela. Furthermore, there is Sijaba Huta Ginjang, one of nature tourism park in North Sumatera and facing Lake Toba, also the Spirit of Cross Love Park.

8. Nias Island

Tourist attractions in the next terrain is the island of nias. The island is famous for its stone jumping and surfing activities. This island also has a charming natural beauty. The youth on Nias Island can easily conquer the stone wall with a height of 2 meters. This is a popular attraction on Nias Island. And for those of you who want to see it can visit the Village Bawomatauo. nias island Stone jumping tradition was born because of the habit of community members who like to fight between villages. Meanwhile, to watch a war dance performance with traditional costumed dancers, headdresses in the form of bird feathers that have bright colors can be seen in two villages, namely Hilisimae and Bawatomataluo. Other activities that can be done is surfing on a large wavy beach and challenging. Nias Island is located in the western part of Sumatra, precisely in the Indian Ocean. In addition to some of the activities discussed above, we can also visit Nias Heritage Museum, which has a collection of cultural objects Nias people as much as 6,500 pieces. Nias Island Tour also has its name to go abroad, just like Lake Toba.

9. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Another famous natural tourist attraction is Sipiso-piso Waterfall. Magnets of this waterfall is located so close to Mount Sipiso-piso, high waterfall up to 120 meters. sipiso-piso In addition, we can also see the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Toba from the waterfall location. If you want to enjoy the waterfall from below, you have to descend 1000 winding stairs first.

10. Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang tourist location is always crowded with tourists. If traveling from Medan City, we will spend 3 hours to get here. This one tourist place is perfect for those of you who like to roam the forest and see wildlife life directly. bukit lawang Bukit Lawang is a kind of tropical forest located at the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park. Other activities that can be done keik are in Bukit Lawang dalah trekking and rafting.

11. Gunung Sibayak

This mountain is one of the active volcanoes. Its natural beauty is the tourist attraction. The beauty of Medan City will be clear from this mountain. And for those of you who want to watch the sunrise or sunset, can visit this attraction. gunung sibayak Please note that Mount Sibayak also known as Mount Raja. To reach it, we can go to Brastagi first which is 77 km from Medan and can be reached within 2 hours. Who wants to climb Mount Sibayak charged tickets worth Rp 4,000, – per person.

12. Sigura-gura Waterfall

The highest waterfall in Indonesia with the sound of water that can be heard far away and the swift flow. The altitude reaches 250 meters and is located close to Lake Toba. Have a cool and refreshing air. Some of the usual activities here are camping, rafting, taking photos with the background of the beauty of waterfalls, and so on

13. Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkanni

One of the most famous spiritual attractions in Medan. Catholic church that has a unique shape, similar to the Hindu temple. The church was originally built for tamil Catholics in Medan City, but gradually open to the public too. Annai Velangkanni (Mother Velangkanni) was built for the purpose of offering for the Blessed Virgin Mary who had been seen in the Velangkanni coastal area of ​​Tamil Nadu, 17th century India. In addition to praying, here many visitors who took the time to take pictures. Another corner of this spiritual venue is the Mary Chapel used to pray to the Virgin Mary.

14. Lumbini Natural Park

Natural attractions with cool air can be visited without having to pay a ticket. Its location at the foot of Mount Sibayak, has the uniqueness of the highest pagoda in Indonesia. The pagodanya is a replica of the Shwedago Pagoda of Myanmar. taman lumbini medan Typical is in the buddha stupa that reaches 46.8 meters high with 69 meters long. Here there are 2,500 budha statues with golden yellow paint. Walking around this location will be great fun.

15. Iman Dairi Tourist Park

This tourist park is a kind of spiritual tourism. The slogan of Indonesia is Bhinekka Tunggal Ika, though different one remains, this is what makes difference. Proven with 5 religious places of worship (according to the number of religions recognized in Indonesia) in a container named Taman Wisata Iman in Dairi area. If you want to visit, from the city of Medan we need travel time for 5 hours with a distance of 154 km.

16. Huta Siallagan

When visiting this one tourist site, you can see the scenery in the form of rows of houses bolon and sopo. The uniqueness lies in the existence of parsidangan stone, which is a row of stone chairs that mengintari table stone. The location of the stone is in the middle of the village, under the tree of Hariara which is classified as a sacred tree. Parsidangan stones are located in 2 locations. First under the tree, circular and neatly arranged as a meeting place. His chair is reserved for kings, queens, elders, kings of neighbors, and smart people (owners of mysticism). Secondly, parsidangan stone for the place of execution. Actually the same as the first parsidangan stone, but coupled with a long boulder to lay down the defendants who were about to be beheaded.

17. TB Silalahi Museum

Tourist attractions in Medan then there is TB Museum Silahi. If we visit this museum, we will be invited to know the culture of Batak more closely. Its location near Lake Toba, no wonder if the natural panorama is beautiful. This museum has 3 floors, with modern interior design wrapped in gorga carving. On the 2nd and 3rd floor, you can see a panoramic view of Lake Toba and Balige area landscape.

18. Sibolangit Nature Reserve

The bustle of Medan City sometimes makes fatigue. If this happens to you, try to take a vacation to the Sibolangit Nature Reserve which still has a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. To reach the tourist location if from the city of Medan, the distance is about 40 km, and people can go there in car or with the use of services like the Best Charter Bus Rental DC that are perfect for travel long distances. The ride takes about 1 hour. One tourist spot is quite a recommendation for nature lovers. The cool air is a mind-numbing and tired remover of all the activities that have been undertaken. Sibolangit nature reserve is also one example of tourist attractions to campaign go green because of the warming of the earth due to global warming.

19. Hillpark Sibolangit

Well, for those of you who are looking for the right tourist location for the baby, come to Hillpark Sibolangit. This is a playground with a variety of exciting rides. Pas so family destination. A wide range of games that can be enjoyed in this place, ranging from roller coster that is part of extreme rides to kora-kora and bianglala which is a favorite of visitors worth trying. Not only that, many other rides that can be enjoyed by children and parents. Hillpark Sibolangit complete enough to become a vacation destination with family.

20. Janji Waterfall

The natural beauty of Lake Toba is no doubt. No wonder his name is so famous to foreign countries. When the holidays to Lake Toba, not only this tour is interesting to visit. However, the attractions on the edge of the lake is also not less beautiful, one of which is the Waterfall Promise. Tourist attractions in Medan this one became one of the beautiful places to visit. The scenery is beautiful and the cool air is enough to be the reason why visitors will keep coming back to this place. In addition to its place located not far from the lake toba, Waterfall janjipun not empty of visitors.

21. Sipinsur

A famous tourist attraction in Humbang District, one of them is Sipinsur. Standing on an area of ​​2 hectares with a height of about 1,213 meters above sea level, it has a beautiful view. One of them is the panorama of Lake Toba and Samosir Island. Below Sipinsur location also looks Sibandang Island and Muara City. Visitors will see the natural beauty from the sea, hills and mountains at the same time because it can be viewed from a height. This is what makes sipinsur tourism a favorite family tour to visit. Not only that, this tour is much used as a place for photography for the photographer reliably.

22. Lake Leu Kawar

Many volcanoes are still active status in the archipelago, there are about 100 pieces. One of the volcanoes that ever erupted and claimed lives was Sinabung Mountain. But behind it all, near the Sinabung Volcano there is a lake with its enchanting natural charm called Lake Lau Kawar. The lake that has a natural beauty with a mountainous background with shady trees is a list of tourism that must be visited. Right this is also often used for camping, is perfect for family holidays and camping with friends.

23. Padang Tele Samosir Tower

To enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island can indeed be done from various locations. One of them is from Tower Padang Tele Samosir. This place becomes the most fitting place to see all the beauty of the island Samosir. Its location is at an altitude in addition to this multilevel tower makes anyone who sees the beauty of the Samosir island from this place will be amazed. Especially at sunset, will add a very good view. The beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island will be depicted from the tower of this Samoir telephoto field.

24. Pandang Beach

Pandan Beach Tour has blue waves rolled with soft sand. Coastal tourism becomes one of the favorite tourist sites for everyone. Indonesia which is an archipelago country, no wonder if you have many beautiful beaches and interesting to visit. One of them is Pandan Beach. View is quite beautiful to make visitors will feel welcome beralama-lama and back again to enjoy the beauty of the sea is quite fascinating. Surely this beach will be very interesting for the surf surfers surfers.

25. Lau Sidebuk Spring

This hot water bath is a bath containing sulfur and many have a pool. Believed to cure various kinds of skin diseases. Lau Sidebuk Thermal Baths is located in Douluh Village, 3 minutes from Penatapan. Tourist attractions in Medan this one is quite famous, many visitors who repeatedly come to this place even to do therapy soak in a pool of sulfur water. Not only that, this place also serves typical food terrain that is quite tempting.

26. Gundaling

Gundaling Hill has a natural beauty that is not less fascinating with Bukit Lawang and Mount Sibayak. This is included in the natural attractions on the outskirts of Brastagi. One of the favorite activities that can be done when on vacation here is to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset. To reach Gundaling, can use public or private vehicle. Distance traveled from the city of Medan to this tourist attraction about 60 km. Gundaling Hill is not only crowded by domestic tourists, you know. But also visited by many foreign tourists.

27. Sikulikap Waterfall

To reach the location of Sikulikap Waterfall, we must travel from the gate of Sikulikap Waterfall to the left of the road near the Welcome Gate in Karo District. Go down the stairs not far from the gate, it takes about 20 minutes. After going through the forest, then arrived at Sikulikap Waterfall. Waterfall with a height of 30 meters has many cliffs around sekeilingnya. Many use the cliffs for rock climbing.

28. Penatapan Corn Shop

The stipulation in Karo means place of residence, the location of this stall is 8 km from the center of Brastagi City. The uniqueness and hallmark of this place is there is a row of roasted corn stalls that open for 24 hours. If you are lucky, here you will see a kind of monkey animals called gibbon fun running here and there. Because of its location is also close to the trees and mountains it is no wonder to see this animal, but to watch out for be careful with apes that are known bintanag agile especially living in the wild.

29. Lake Linting

In North Sumatra was not only the attractions of Lake Toba which has exotic natural beauty. Shift slightly from the location of Lake Toba, we will encounter a lake with a bluish green color and a beautiful natural surroundings called Lake Linting. For those of you who want relaxation while relaxing to pamper the eyes, it is right to choose this tourist destination. Natural beauty in Lake Linting quite different from other lakes, because the water is a little green toska is enough to attract the attention of visitors.

30. Tongkoh Botanic Garden

You who love the art of planting vegetables, fruits, even ornamental plants, suitable to visit this one tourist spot. Its name is Tongkoh Botanic Garden. As the name implies, this tourist attraction is located in Tongkoh Village. Along the way to the left and right of Tongkoh Village, there are many residents’ gardens, including strawberry gardens, Brastagi passion fruit, and Brastagi oranges that can be picked by themselves. Brastagi natural panorama increasingly fascinating with the background of Mount Sinabung and various colors of ornamental plants that meet the village of Tongkoh.

31. Estuary of North Tapanuli

One of the small towns near Lake Toba named Muara. This is a sub-district in North Tapanuli. The beauty of Lake Toba can be seen from here. In contrast to the city or other areas used to see the beauty of Toba. From Muara we can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba through various angles. Among other beaches with small boats, top of the hill, even a little ride through the highway, Lake Toba also has radiated beauty.

32. Lingga Village

This village is located in District Simpang Empat, from City Brastagi about 15 km. In addition there are Linga Museum which has a variety of collections of the past Karo Kingdom, there are also historic homes that are already more than 250 years old. The forerunner of Karo region, said to come from this area. This quite unique village became one of the tourist attractions to see the traditional house which has long been a tradition of ancient times. Tourist attractions in this field become a list that must be visited while on vacation.

33. Soda Water Baths Parbubu Tarutung Village

This soda water bath is one of the natural attractions that need to be tried. In addition to its beauty, we should be proud of this one bath there are only 2 pieces around the world, and one of them is Indonesia. Accompanied by the natural beauty around the pond makes this place enough to have many enthusiasts, especially soaking water soda is rare in some places in Indonesia. Therefore, this place is never empty of visitors especially during holidays.

34. Kubu Hill

After passing Tongkoh Village, we will pass a hill called Bukit Kubu. Rows of thick pine trees with grass lies, making this location suitable for family tours. Some activities that can be done while on a picnic on Kubu Hill include kites, riding ATVs and horses, as well as visiting the Soekarno’s sojourn house during the Dutch era.

35. Funland Mickey Holiday

Like Dufan in Jakarta, Brastagi has Funland Mickey Holiday. There are a variety of interesting game rides that we can try, at least amounted to 34 pieces. Among them are shoot games, rafling, paint ball, and outbound, and others. We can play until satisfied in all the rides after buying tickets all in one. Not only rides games, here also can enjoy other tours such as playgrounds and fun water rides. Various kinds of restaurant also available at this tourist spot.