5 Days Lake Toba JW Marriot Package

*All Price Include
Hotel : 4* Samosir Villa Resort, 4* Mikie Holiday Resort, 5* JW Marriot Hotel
Transport : Private Car from Tobatransporter (Toyota Innova)
Driver : Driver Meal & Driver Accomodation Included
Tour : Entrance Fee Included
Ferry : Both Ferry Pass Lake Toba To and From Samosir Island
Fee : Parking,Tax,Toll Included
Payment : Cash at Medan with SGD or MYR
Price Exclude : Flight Tickets and Driver Tips
Price Increased During Peak Season & Update Regarding to IDR Exchange Rate

5 Days Lake Toba Tour Package is the most tour package for enjoy all places around samosir island,berastagi and medan.Long time to enjoy the lake view and can enjoy all trips to north sumatera.Feel the best unforgettable experience view of Lake Toba.

* Group Tour Available

Day 1

Pick up from Kuala Namu International Airport and Directly to Parapat (Lake Toba); 4 Hours approximately drive; Waiting Ferry Queue at Ajibata Parapat; Check in hotel in samosir island;Visit recommended places around samosir Sigaruntung Panoramic Hill,Tomok.

Day 2

Visit recommended places around Samosir Island Sigaruntung Panoramic Hill,Tomok Batak Village,King Sidabutar Tombstone,Sigale-gale Batak Dancing Doll,Ambarita Village,Sialagan Stone Chair,Sibolaji white sand beach at samosir island,Back to Hotel.

Day 3

Check out hotel and go to Berastagi,On the way take “Berastagi Tour” visit recommended places like Simarjarunjung Panoramic Hill,King Palace at Pematang Purba and The famous Sipiso-piso Waterfall; Check In Hotel Berastagi Highland

Day 4


Check out hotel and go to Medan,visit Fruit Market in Berastagi, Gundaling Hill in Berastagi, Shwedagoon Pagoda in Berastagi City and Visit Mt.Sibayak,if want hiking additional charge 150k/person.

Day 5


Visit recommended places around medan Annai Velangkani Church,Great Mosque In Medan,Maimoon Palace In Medan,Chong A Fie (an old Chinesse house),Gunung Timur Buddha’s Biggest Temple,Shri Marriamman Hindu’s Temple in Medan; Go directly to Kuala Namu International Airport.

Price 2 person 3 person 4 person
Total Price RM 1857 (halmeal)

RM 2166 (fullmeal)

RM 2243 (halfmeal)

RM 2706 (fullmeal)

RM 2770 (halfmeal)

RM 3390 (fullmeal)

SGD 630 (halfmeal)

SGD 737 (fullmeal)

SGD 762 (halfmeal)

SGD 920 (fullmeal)

SGD 940 (halmeal)

SGD 1150 (fullmeal)

Price 5 person 6 person 7 person
Total Price RM 3230 (halfmeal)

RM 4000 (fullmeal)

RM 3757 (halfmeal)

RM 4683 (fullmeal)

RM 4143 (halfmeal)

RM 5223 (fullmeal)

SGD 1097 (halfmeal)

SGD 1360 (fullmeal)

SGD 1277 (halfmeal)

SGD 1590 (fullmeal)

SGD 1408 (halfmeal)

SGD 1775 (fullmeal)

Group Tour

(12-16 Seaters)

7 person 8 person 9 person
Total Price RM 4514 (Halfmeal)

RM 5594 (Fullmeal)

RM 5043 (Halfmeal)

RM 6277 (Fullmeal)

RM 5430 (Halfmeal)

RM 6817 (Fullmeal)

SGD 1534 (Halfmeal)

SGD 1900 (Fullmeal)

SGD 1714 (Halfmeal)

SGD 2133 (Fullmeal)

SGD 1845 (Halfmeal)

SGD 2317 (Fullmeal)

Group Tour

(12-16 Seaters)

10 person 11 person 12 person
Total Price RM 5957 (Halfmeal)

RM 7500 (Fullmeal)

RM 6343 (Halfmeal)

RM 8040 (Fullmeal)

RM 6870 (Halfmeal)

RM 8723 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2024 (Halfmeal)

SGD 2550 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2155 (Halfmeal)

SGD 2732 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2335 (Halfmeal)

SGD 2964 (Fullmeal)

Group Tour

(12-16 Seaters)

13 person 14 person 15 person
Total Price RM 7400 (Halfmeal)

RM 9406 (Fullmeal)

RM7930 (Halfmeal)

RM 10090 (Fullmeal)

RM 8314 (Halfmeal)

RM 10630 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2515 (Halfmeal)

SGD 3196 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2694 (Halfmeal)

SGD 3428 (Fullmeal)

SGD 2825 (Halfmeal)

SGD 3612 (Fullmeal)


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